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May 4, 2021 Bond Proposal

HPS Bond Info Video

HPS Bond Informational Video

Dr. David Hornak

March 22, 2021

Dear Holt Public,

I hope that you remain safe and healthy! For the District to maintain transparency and trust, I would like to share that the Board of Education recently took action to place a question on the ballot of the May 4, 2021 election asking voters to consider a projected net decrease to taxpayers that would provide the District $148 million to fund capital improvements phased in over the next eight years!

I am excited to share that we are prioritizing improvements to critical infrastructure, safety and security, improved learning environments, and innovation to Holt Public Schools. This proposal reconfigures our schools and reduces transitions for students. As you can see below, if approved by voters, the fifth grade would return to our elementary buildings, our middle schools would serve 6-8 graders, and our high school would become a traditional 9-12 high school. The North Campus would become an Innovation Center, accessible to all TK-early college students, serving our more flexible system for programs such as our Early College, dual college enrollment, Robotics labs, Energy Fundamentals courses, Aviation courses, Project Lead the Way Engineering courses, Career and Technical Education, and much, much more!

Building Configuration.png

One of the core functions of a school district is to organize students into grade configurations, which have the potential to impact student outcomes, improve student behaviors, positively impact relationships and sense of belonging, and produce high-quality humans. While there are a wide variety of ways to configure a school system, the longer a student remains in a school building, the more those benefits increase!


The last time we asked voters to consider a Bond of this type was the year 2000. Our last Bond was focused on the secondary level and provided the funding for the high school. This Bond proposal will focus on improving all of our tired facilities, however, we will be emphasizing projects at the elementary level, which includes reconstructing two elementary schools.


I remain inspired how our learning community has stepped up to help one another during this significant time of need. If approved by voters, this bond proposal would allow the District to make significant enhancements to each of our buildings across every grade level over the next decade, aligning with our mission to provide an equitable and innovative educational experience for each of our Holt students.


Over the next few weeks, more information regarding the Bond as well as opportunities to engage in a discussion and ask questions, will become available. Please visit www.hpsk12.net for more information regarding this bond proposal. Soon, building-specific project display boards will be at each school and on the district website as well.  If you have further questions please contact me by phone at 517-694-5715 or via email at dhornak@hpsk12.net.

Here are five things to know about our 2021 Bond Proposal Pillars:

Learning Environment – Creating equitable access to resources by reconstructing two new TK-5 buildings at opposite ends of the District, while reducing the number of building transitions for students.

  • Reducing transitions between buildings supports relationship building and improved student outcomes.

  • Proposing a new structure: TK-5, Middle School 6-8 and Traditional High School 9-12.

  • Reconstructing two new TK-5 elementary schools, Dimondale and Sycamore, on their current site locations.

  • Reconfiguring existing elementary buildings to accommodate grades TK-5; including possible classroom additions, and gym additions.

  • Adding classroom space at Washington Woods to create a 6-8 middle school; cafeteria expansion.

  • Adding new technology and infrastructure will enable students and staff to have easy access to innovative learning opportunities with updated devices and equipment.

  • Making select improvements to Athletics and Performing Arts.

Safety & Security – Updating facilities to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff.

  • Securing building entrances.

  • Improving traffic flows in drop-off and pick-up areas.

  • Re-imagining playgrounds.


Critical Infrastructure – Updating building infrastructure that is at or past its useful life cycle to address aging facility issues district-wide. Updates based on building needs.

  • Improving HVAC systems, including adding air conditioning.

  • Updating select parking lots, pavement, sidewalks, and curbs.

  • Upgrading Building Management Systems.

  • Replacing select roofing and windows.

  • Improving interior and exterior lighting and controls.

  • Upgrading electrical distribution systems.

  • Updating select plumbing and drinking fountains.

  • Closing Hope Middle School as a school building


Innovation – Creating flexible, modern spaces that support creativity and collaboration while helping students build up their experiences each year until they graduate from Holt Public Schools.

  • Adding new classroom furniture removing antiquated “desks in rows” standards, further enabling teachers to provide instruction that focuses on active and collaborative learning, while also allowing for flexibility of classroom configuration and movement for students.

  • Proposing improvements to the North Campus Innovation Center will broaden the opportunity for engagement across multiple student grade levels and special interests gaining access to robotics, aviation, career and technical education, dual enrollment, early college and more.

Net Tax Decrease – This is a rare opportunity to request $148 million and provide taxpayers with a reduction. If approved by voters, it is projected that the net debt tax rate would decrease by 1.77 mills from the prior year’s levy. This means that the next debt tax levy would be lower, while still providing funds to improve and update our District.

In times of turmoil, Holt Rams always rise to meet the challenges to benefit our entire learning community. The last year has been extremely unpredictable. I invite you to share this factual information as well as our website with your networks. Until we can gather again, please continue to wear a mask, remain physically distanced from others, wash your hands often, and stay safe. We miss you all and look forward to the opportunity to see you again soon!

Dr. David G. Hornak

Holt Public Schools


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