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Bond Pillars

Our Bond Proposal Steering Committee relied on these key factors to shape the overall scope of proposed District improvements:

 Critical Infrastructure 

  • Updating building infrastructure that is at or past its useful life cycle to address aging facility issues district-wide. Updates based on building needs.

 Safety & Security 

  • Updating facilities to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff. This includes secure building entrances, improved traffic flows in drop-off and pick-up areas and re-imagined playgrounds.


 Learning Environments 

  • Creating equitable access to resources by building two new TK-5 buildings at opposite ends of the District, while reducing the number of building transitions for students.



  • Creating flexible, modern spaces that support creativity and collaboration while helping students build up their experiences each year until they graduate from Holt Public Schools.

Bond Initiative Process Overview


  • 2000 Bond for new HS & $15 million district-wide projects

  • 2018 Facilities assessment

  • 2019 Refinanced bond saving $1.3 million

  • 2020 Bond planning


 Steering Committee 

  • Three District Administrators

  • Two Board of Education Members

  • Five bond consultants

  • Two Building Administrators

  • Secondary Science/Engineering Teacher

  • H.E.A.T. Representative

 Stakeholder Engagement & Feedback 

  • Board of Education

  • Community Forums

  • Community Task Force

  • Directors/Supervisors

  • H.E.A.T

  • Principals

  • Staff Forum

  • Continued Staff Feedback / Input

    • Facilities Design

    • Curriculum Planning

The Case for Fewer School Transitions

One of the core functions of a school district is organizing students into grade configurations, which have the potential to impact student outcomes, improve student behaviors, positively impact relationships and sense of belonging, and produce high-quality humans. While there are a wide variety of ways to configure a school system, Hyman (2015) stated that transitioning from one school to another can have a negative impact on student achievement. Furthermore, Malaspina and Rimm-Kaufman (2008) reported that school transitions might be more severe for students in specific demographic backgrounds, at-risk, and special education students.  


The longer a student attends the same school, generally higher achievement occurs (Fisher, 2019). Bouchard and Berg (2017) described a sense of belonging as being known, valued, and feeling included. In the Holt Public strategic plan (located at, our students' relationships, social, emotional, physical well-being, and academic needs have been prioritized. Students' have articulated the importance of belonging to a school (Bouchard & Berg, 2017). Also, a sense of belonging has an impact on achievement (Laldin, 2016).

A component of the Holt Public proposal is reconfiguring the District and removing two transitions from the educational experience. 

Building Configuration.png
  • Current configuration: ELC, PK-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 12 


  • Proposed configuration: ELC, PK-5, 6-8, 9-12 

    • Maintaining Midway Early Learning Center Programming

    • Transitioning all elementary schools to grades PK-5  

    • Transitions middle schools to grades 6-8 

    • Transitions High School to grades 9-12 

    • Allows the District to strategically address declining student enrollment by retiring the oldest school building. 

    • Develops an Innovation Center in the North Campus focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) as well as College Access, and Career and Technical Education.

Preliminary Bond Series Timeline *

Series 1 - 2021 Bond Sale

Proposed Improvement Projects:




School Buses


Series 2 - 2023 Bond Sale

Proposed Improvement Projects:



Tech/School Buses

Series 3 - 2025 Bond Sale

Proposed Improvement Projects:


Washington Woods


HS Athletics

School Buses

Series 4 - 2027 Bond Sale

Proposed Improvement Projects:

Junior High

High School

North Campus



* Preliminary bond sale series schedule subject to change


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